medicine compounding

Compounding involves altering or mixing medicines to suit the individual’s needs, or creating prescriptions that are not readily available in the market. Our qualified compounding pharmacists use innovative and top of the line medical equipment and tools when customizing medications.

This service helps individuals who have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty swallowing pills
  • Stomach upset when taking oral medication
  • Having allergy or being sensitive to a particular ingredient of the drug
  • Reluctance to take the medication due to its taste
  • No access to certain medications because of shortage or discontinuation
  • Requiring a different dose of medication which isn’t available from a manufacturer
  • Those who don’t want to take medication at all, especially children or pets

Here are what you can expect from compounding services:

  • Make medications easier to take
  • Provide access to discontinued medications
  • Avoid allergic reactions
  • Allow alternative dosage forms

For more information, you may reach us at 404-600-5647. You may also consult a pharmacist for your concerns or inquiries.